Dan is from the Tewa-Hopi tribe. He has been showing professionally as an artist for over forty years.
His works command unwavering respect for the earth and spirit of his ancestry, the beautiful heritage
that is the heart of his creativity. He is constantly drawn to his rootsso deeply embedded in ceremony
yet allows us only a guarded glimpse of his sacred traditions; the spirit messengers, the kachinas
representing blessings, ancestors and cloud people ... all of these forming the interim of visage between
the physical and the spirit world.

Dan paints and sculpts the imagery of his homeland and his peoples, always with the integrity instilled in
him by that depth of belief and loveof spirit. Drawing and paintings was a natural part of Hopi childhood.
It gave him a way to express his strong feelings about the culture andenvironment leading to a path of
creative freedom. Dan feels that change and evolution are a continuum; socially, politically, and spiritually and
that the future of our planet and membership of the human race must be monitored to insure survival in the
spirit of cultural and technologydiversity. He says that only then can we merge the positive and negative
polarization and balance so necessary to the communal spirit of
the universe.

On May 15th, 2009, Dan Namingha was selected to receive an Honorary Doctorate from the
Institute of American Indian Arts. The ceremonytook place at the Institute of American Indian Arts College Campus.